Our Beginnings

Lost Shirt Brewing Company comes from very simple beginnings. We started off as a hobby brewer like many other craft breweries. One of our directors purchased a brewing kit from a local home brewing supply store. Quickly it became our obsession to create great beers that friends and family would enjoy.


The idea was sparked to create a brewery as more people outside our circle tried the beer and loved it. It was an uphill road to create a great product and maintain consistency over time. This meant brewing more often and changing equipment to meet certain requirements for production of large volumes.


In the fall of 2015, we decided to "lose our shirt" by going all in and signing a lease for the brewery and tasting room. Over the next 12 months, we labored painstakingly with many long days to turn the space into something for our customers to enjoy.


Now open as of September 30th, 2016, we are excited to bring Lost Shirt Brewing Co. to you and hope you enjoy and savor the many different beers in our establishment. 











Lost Shirt Brewing Company is a startup nano-brewing company that seeks to provide an experience that breaks the traditional craft beer models. We desire to appeal to the wide variety of beer palates and preferences while challenging the customer to explore outside the routine.


Led by brew masters Johann Brockhausen and Mark Reed, our local brewery and tasting room in West Melbourne, Florida is on the verge of opening to the public.













7025 Industrial Rd., Unit B, West Melbourne, Fl 32904  Phone: (321) 499-4323

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